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RA Rezzelle has been involved in Computer Aided Design (CAD) consulting with AutoCAD and desktop computers since they were brought to market. Our programmers and training staff are experienced in dealing with AutoCAD and a variety of database languages. Let us help you resolve your programming and training problems, contact us today.

AutoCAD Customization
Why spend 100's if not thousands of dollars training personnel and developing customized programs for your company. RA Rezzelle has been an Registered Application Developer for Autodesk since 1992. We have developed hundreds of AutoCAD applications that are being used by customers internationally. Let our team of trained programmers customize AutoCAD at a fraction of what it would normally cost to do in-house developing and testing. We can custom build the AutoCAD environment to fit the way you work. With easy to use menus, pull-down menus, toolbars, icon menus, and symbol libraries you will be working smarter and faster. This all boils down to more productivity and gets the job done quicker, which makes everyone happy.

Customizing AutoCAD to improve on how you access your symbol libraries is just one way to speed up the design and drafting process. But there are so many more things you can do with AutoCAD to standardize how your office works. Start with automatic drawing scale setup, titleblock templates and bill of material management, layer control, standardizing corporate linetypes and symbols, and creating new AutoCAD commands are just a few things that we can do for you.

AutoCAD Training
Are you taking advantage of everything AutoCAD can do for you? Let us help you learn how to use AutoCAD more productively and efficiently.

All our courses use Autodesk® Certified Courseware, assuring that you will receive the most up to date AutoCAD training available. Our instructors have practical business and industry experience with AutoCAD, so they know how to work through your day to day problems.

All of our courses can be modified to meet the specific needs of your company or industry. The course content can be changed to include only the topics relevant to your applications and the course schedule can be setup to allow for your busy schedule. Depending on your facilities we can provide on-site training or you may come to our training facility.



AutoCAD Level I
A beginners course covering all the basic skills required to create and edit 2D production drawings. Learn how to use AutoCAD interfaces while gaining a working knowledge of essential AutoCAD concepts and terminology. Hands-on exercises and step-by-step procedures for creating and editing drawings in AutoCAD.

AutoCAD Level II Advanced
A continuation course from Level I course and is intended for you to become more productive using AutoCAD. The course begins with techniques for enhancing productivity and continues with advanced techniques for drawing, editing, annotating, working with attributes, and plotting.

AutoCAD Level III Customization
This course caters to the experienced AutoCAD user who is very proficient drawing with AutoCAD. You will learn customization and system integration, and how to plan an AutoCAD front end for maximum productivity.

This course introduces you to the capabilities of the programming language within AutoCAD. The AutoLISP language can automate repetitive tasks, make changes to the drawing file, and even add new commands to AutoCAD.


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