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Audio and Video Production
Showing you a new world of sound and images


RA Rezzelle uses the best equipment in audio and video technology to create stunning commercials, corporate training videos, world documentaries, and to capture the performing arts like no one else.

We have been filming and recording audio since 1999 and continue to strive to create amazing images and detailed recordings that will stir your imagination and senses. We help the performing arts to create new worlds of music and sights that will blow you away.

RA Rezzelle has recorded audio and video productions with as many as 25 actors, all with monologues, group singing, and solos. We have also produced promotional and trailer videos for many theatre productions. We have also supplied and directed the use of large screen projection during live performances.





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Audio Recording at our Studio


We love providing audio recordings to nonprofits and Christian groups for little or no cost. Our goal is to provide the Christian community with the opportunity to record high sample rate recordings that can be used in a variety of venues without paying the extreme royalty fees that is normally associated with this type of medium.

The studio consists of a control room, isolated sound booth and live room large enough to record a full band. We use a variety of sound absorption from custom made bass traps and diffusers to Auralex products.

We use several DAW's to record with, currently we are equipped with Sonar, Adobe Audition, SoundForge and Motu HD192 A/D converter for audio recording and editing. Our hardware collection includes David Royer Mojave, Audio-Technica and Shure mics, Focusrite ISA 428 and Art preamps, dbx compressors, and Lexicon reverb processor units.

We are also equipped to film your sessions for music videos or production videos. Check out this sample...

Our recording studio has been used by many, from producing radio commercials, cutting and editing vocals for singles, mastering sound for DVD's, and recording performance tracks for live stage productions. Hear a sample...


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