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Document Control
Solutions for Critical Engineering


RA Rezzelle has come to understand the every day problems that need to be addressed with a Drawing and Document Management system within the engineering department. And, even more importantly, we have established an enviable reputation for delivering innovative solutions to effectively meet all of those critical challenges.

Document Control Presentation (pdf)


  Let us help make sure your documents are no longer lost, misplaced or misfiled, and that valuable staff time is not wasted in the never ending search for documents. We can make sure there is no longer any confusion about which is the correct version of a document and which version has been sent to whom. We have used off-the-shelf software and custom built applications for our clients to achieve an effective solutions to their document management problems.

By using a single access point software you can rest assured that all drawings and documents, related to a particular machine, area or project stay together and are easy to find. You can also be confident that any requirements for document storage are scrupulously met.

Drawing and document security is substantially enhanced by controlling who has access to the files and by minimizing your risk such as misplacing original drawings and unauthorized revisions.

But of course that is only a part of the overall picture...

A good Document Management system allows easy access to the necessary documents for each person in your company. It should eliminate duplication and control revisions to your critical drawings and documents. It is essential to every company, to make sure that the current document is the one being revised. Working on out-of-date documents can be a very costly mistake both for you and your customers.



Every company has it own unique needs when it comes to document control. That is why we developed our 8 point Document Management survey. It will define the exact needs for a successful implementation of a your Document Management system. The resulting process from your perspective is an organized, smooth flowing work flow that results in finding the correct documents on time and every time.



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